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Twice the dramatic style. Twice the dazzling impact. Welcome to modern hardwood beauty—the Versailles 2-Tone Collection. Flooring custom-crafted from the finest character-grade French Oak, Hickory and Maple and finished with a dual splash of invention. 2-Tone features an unprecedented dual staining process with one color applied to (and enlivening) the wood grain and the second tone lying underneath. Each shade stays true, never mixing, eternally unique in clarity, transparency and hue. And yet complementing one another to produce a stunning visual effect. Embrace beauty times two today!
Like a walk along a Pacific beach to discover mesmerizing, naturally toned driftwood. Here, French Oak is refreshing with a beautifully weathered whitewash to deliver a re-imagined beauty to hardwood. The look is an earthen and lightened tone that relaxes
Looking out your window at sunrise,the mist rolls in and drapes itself around Oak trunks—beige tones playing upon a billowing wash of light gray. This is the look of the countryside, peace, serene—you’ve found your personal space.
Imagine revisiting the warm memories of your best sun-filled vacations, everyday when opening your front door.This is your floor—medium beige, bright and airy with highlights of an even warmer ivory peeking through.The perfect greeting.
Here is color that forgoes trendy and surprising for traditional yet timeless. Like waves of the ocean, light grays wash over hints of light brown and clay for a look that goes great in any style of home and in any part of the country. Seafoam endures.
Return to a simpler mood. Days before every moment lived connected — a peaceful wholesomeness that feels familiar. Farmhouse casual or traditional looks come alive in shades of earthy clay with a light gray wash undertone.
Picture society on the move, skyscrapers stretching high as the eye can see — the colors of prosperity growing and optimism flowing. Here, the high-style of Industrial design is captured in hardwood — dark warm browns made magnificent by a subtle blue-gra
Shades that are happily centered in golden browns with a light gray wash. A smart look that accompanies any interior decorating vision. The beauty that resides between brighter shades and friendly, familiar blue is mid-tone but never middle of the road.
Turn up the color temperature to make the day more passionate and alive. Dark brown finish with just a hint of blueish-gray wash turns coal into the next hot color. Color that’s sure to make a statement in any interior.
A color rolling ever on with visual interest, taking on glints of blues and grays, with a slight golden highlight like sun on the waves. Here is hardwood color that is more than simply California coastal, let the postcard scenery take you away.
Don’t call it tan, this color is too visually inviting for beige of any variety. Here are golden and gray taking you back to a wall through the changing leaves of Fall—peace, rejuvenating and classically stunning.
Turn the vivid dial down a notch and watch the mesmerizing glow of mild yellows intermingle with a medium gray wash. Gracing feathered grain, the look is anything but cold. Here is a slightly muted but oh-so-welcoming color comfort.
The brilliance of discovery … new and changing things for the better. Gray turns deep waves of brown into pure emergence—deep in tone, yet every detail of maple’s feathered grain accentuated. Rustic and industrial in a mesmerizing modern hue.
Open the drapes and see the sun in every detail. Clean and light, with a dash of earthen clay, sets the design palette for entertaining spaces and bedrooms while squash-yellow undertones add that hint of bright to veer your design bright and welcoming.
Early evening and the wind of the day slowly stills, your moment of satisfied appreciation bathed in the colors of dusk: soft brown and smoky tones offset here by a subtle gray wash that announces the fast-approaching night.
A mood without pretension, comfortable in the moment, what better foundation than hickory with a hint of smoke to fuel the feeling. Light brown graining with a bright gray wash achieves that perfect balance, setting the stage for simple, casual living.
Moments deepen with a hint of urban sophistication, when dark brown is accompanied by a solid azure-gray wash. It’s as if each night was made for entertaining in casual elegance — a visual invitation to reverie.
Cool as a jazz saxophone solo in the night, here dark brown stands out from an under wash of light gray. As comfortable in a minimalist modern setting as it is a welcoming, home-hearth traditional living space.